Artist: Lucia Sem

As the world moves on, the mountains
wait for the day the veil of darkness is uncovered.

Artist: Patricia Hernandez

The burnt fragments have minds of their own,
pollutes the surrounding air.

Artist: Kristen Newton

Our hearts hot and burning
With fiery and flames
Yet when I look above
I see the names of those
That mattered
That changed
That created
That gave

Artist: Melody S. Yang

Tell me, is the combination of
my dark brown eyes
and my long black hair,
an invitation for your bright white colonization?

Artist: Nikita Tavares

Donate a hundred times
And still feel like I have moved a pebble
When I want to move mountains
When I want to help
Here in the U.S. and there in India
The suffering of the world is screaming
Wherever I go, I hear it

Artist: Pal G. Koak

Speak up with me next time, will you?
Don’t rely on my ask

Artist: Yuko Taniguchi

But our mountains are already moving-
Our eyes just can’t see a grain of
soil, a butterfly, traveling
with the wind.