Artist: Nikita Tavares

Here and There 
The problems Here 
Never ending
The problems There
Growing like Jack's beanstalk into heaven
Souls claimed by Covid climb to rest 
Away from the cacophony of life
And There just like everywhere
The government doesn't care about lives lost
And the sound of my people's pain 
Echoing across oceans
Diving Into my ears, pooling in my brain
I hear it, I feel it like a lamb to the slaughter
Dread, helpless
Donate a hundred times 
And still feel like I have moved a pebble
When I want to move mountains 
When I want to help 
Here in the U.S. and there in India
The suffering of the world is screaming
Wherever I go, I hear it 

Artist Statement

The shape in the middle represents my soul. I now live thousands of miles away from my birthplace (India), however, I am immersed in the problems and social justice issues of my people as well as of the people of Minnesota. My soul lives in two places at once. --Nikita T.