Artist: Patricia Hernandez

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to…

The mountains that I wish I could move, they
are made of ash.

Of things that have long been destroyed by fire,
now sit on hills of tired

I wish I could move 
it myself pick the pieces up and 
place them somewhere else but
they just scatter in the wind.

The burnt fragments have minds of their own,
pollutes the surrounding air.

Artist Statement
This piece was inspired by the feelings that come with being numb after seeing countless murders of people of color being broadcasted on the news. The “ash” represents the fatigue from witnessing these tragedies, having to validate non-people of color feelings, and being the sole educators of said non-people of color on current issues. These mountains represent the aftermath of fiery anger and the emptiness left behind. However, the title is a symbol of hope— as everything returns to dust, a new beginning awaits. --Patricia H.