Artist: Lucia Sem

The Mountains’ Story
The mountains are victims of the darkness. 
As the world changes from day to night,
they are covered, forgotten, neglected.

The mountains wait to be seen.
The seasons change, time has gone by, 
but here the mountains remain.
Remembering the steps taken on its paths, 
the animals that have once called it home, 
every crack made by the reckless storms. 
As the world moves on, the mountains 
wait for the day the veil of darkness is uncovered.

When will it be seen?
Through the traditions of darkness that has been rooted over decades.
The mountains are ready to be seen, heard,

Artist Statement

After reading Yuko’s poem and having a conversation with her, I was inspired to create a contrasting night mountain piece in response to Yuko’s work. I wanted the darkness to convey the silence that members of the AAPI and BIPOC community may face. The mountains represent their voices and concerns that they’ve voiced, yet not heard. It’s time for these voices to not only be heard, but acknowledged. --Lucia S.