Planning An Exhibit

Yuko began reaching out to her contacts in the art world, asking for ideas on displaying the work created by workshop participants.  Initially, we planned to use areas around campus with guided tours by the three of us and those artists whose work was being exhibited.  However, Zoe Cinel and the RAC staff decided to set up their third floor for the first set of artistic creations and any other work that emerged from future workshops.
The exhibit space (picture below) was set up to inspire active community engagement with the participants’ works.  First, the area includes spaces for patrons to sit down and contemplate the pieces.  Second, two art creation spaces were set up for museum patrons to participate and respond to the exhibit. The first station was stocked with origami paper and instructions on creating various shapes to add to a collective wall display. 2. A second station included various pens, markers, paints, and card stock paper for the community to leave messages and poems responding to the artists’ work.
Finally, the artists sometimes offer guided exhibits, including a live reading of their written work and an added impromptu question and answer time for patrons who wish to learn more about the project. The facilitators also conduct guided workshops with the artists and other museum staff.